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4.5M TVRO Antenna introduction

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4.5M TVRO Antenna

4.5m feed back satellite television receiving antenna with 4.5m main reflector aperture is used for receiving C-band or Ku-band satellite television. The antenna is composed of reflector, central cylinder, column, feed system and sub-reflector.

The main reflector consists of 12 or 15 panels. And each panel is shaped by quenching, drawing and riveting. Main reflector reassembly precision is not more than 0.5mm. Sub-reflector with higher surface precision is formed through aluminium alloy casting and numerical control machining. The antenna adopts corrugated horn feed of feed system.

The antenna panel adopts double shielding of zinc yellow primer and white painting. The steel structure adopts the structure that is to spray zinc or primer first and then spay finishing paint.

The antenna has good wind-resistance capability that can completely satisfy the wind-resistance requirement.

The supporting mechanism is column pitch azimuth pedestal which has two kinds of manual and electrical mode. The users can select it as required. The antenna pitch manual mechanism has worm gear mechanism which is convenient and strength-saving for antenna adjustment.

The antenna has characteristics of super electrical performance, beautiful structure, and strong wind-resistance. And its quality is reliable and maintenance is convenient.

Take Antesky 4.5m receive only antenna as an example, Antesky 4.5m receive only antenna is designed fashionably and you can do the installation and adjustment very easily. Please find below Antesky 4.5m receive only antenna main specification.


Frequency: 3.4-4.2GHz for C-band; 10.95-12.75GHz for Ku-band

VSWR: 1.25:1 for C-band; 1.3:1 for ku-band

Insertion Loss: 0.25dB for C-band; 0.3dB for ku-band

Isolation: 35dB

Feed Interface: WR229 for C-band;     WR75 for ku-band

First Sidelobe        ≤-14dB

Gain: 43.5dB for C-band;     52.8dB for ku-band

Noise Temperature : 35°K@10°  for C-band ; 52°K@10° for ku-band

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