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3m Fiber glass antenna for sale

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Where to buy 3m Fiber glass antenna with low price and high quality. We are your best choice, all the information about 3m Fiber glass antenna are available as below.

3m Fiber glass antenna Description

3m Fiber glass antenna, also called SMC antenna adopts compression moulding which is 12 times higher than the compressive capability of aluminum, and with good consistency, high precision and no deformation. The refector is made by orange peel design and combined with more pieces. With all these, the reflector can be waterproof and make high-frequency tuner get less damage, also have the features of good exchanging capacity, anti-corrosion and anti-aging. And it has a long lifetime even up to 15~20 years. Except the points above, it is also easy to assemble and practical to adjust.

3m Fiber glass antenna Technical Specification

3m Fiber glass antenna Electrical specification

Operational frequency:



Center frequency gain:


Ku-Band:48.8 dB 

3dB beam width:



First side lobe:-20dB

Cross-Polarization:>30dB on Axis

Voltage standing wave ratio(VSWR):<1.3:1

Noise temperature(30 º elevation):

C-Band:30 ºK 

Ku-Band:26 ºK

Feed interface:



3m Fiber glass antenna Mechanical specification

Reflector material:

8 Segment Glass Fiber Reinforced Polyester SMC

Antenna Optics:

Prime Focus

Feed installation type:

Single arm supporting/three pole supporting

Elevation adjustment range:

0º-90º continuous fine adjustment

Azimuth adjustment range:

0º-360º continuous adjustment

Transportation specification:


3m Fiber glass antenna Environmental adaptability

Wind load:

Normal operation:22mps


Adaptive temperature:

Normal operation:-40℃~60℃


Atmospheric conditions:

It is applied to damp, saltier and polluted climatic environment.

3m Fiber glass antenna Features

Feed system with special design and maximum Tx-Rx efficiency

Nice uniformity and non-deformation

The compressive molding with hign gain and high presicion is from compression moulding

Easy to ship and install

This antenna has a 15-20-year long life

The ability of corrosion resistence and windn resistence is strong

Hyperbaric and low-density antenna reflector, which has light weight than aluminum and more strength than steel

Designed orange peel design reflector

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